About Us

South Coast Early Learning promotes positive life experiences and growth by connecting families with young children to a broad network of community resources and support.

The South Coast Regional Early Learning (SCREL) Hub is one of 16 early learning hubs across the state of Oregon. Our aim is to help children get a healthy and well-rounded start so they arrive at kindergarten ready to thrive.

Designed for families with children under age eight who call Coos, Curry, or coastal Douglas county home, we’re the connection point to resources like Preschool Promise, Baby Promise, parenting resources, and voluntary in-home support programs.

Established in 2015, South Coast Early Learning was established as one of 16 regional early learning hubs in the state. Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan, guides the work that we do.

Early Learning Hubs lead efforts to create an early learning system with:

» Shared vision: Groups agree as a community on what needs to happen to achieve desired outcomes for children and eliminate disparities for underserved and under-resourced families.

» Engaged community partners: Families and partners are actively included and engaged in conversation, planning, and evaluation.

» Focused problem-solving and action: Hubs use data to inform community action planning.

» Continuous learning and improvement: Families and partners give feedback to adjust and improve local programs and systems.

» Coordinated strategy: Hubs develop strategies for the shared vision and assist communities with planning, communication, and strategic funding.

Parent Advisory Council

Early Learning Hub Parent Advisory Councils are made up of parents who have children ages birth to eight. Council members collaborate with the Early Learning Hubs by:

» Sharing parent perspectives and making sure family voice guides the Oregon Early Childhood System
» Developing leadership skills and engaging in advocacy
» Supporting community building

Learn more about the South Coast Regional Early Learning Parent Advisory Council.

Our Team

We have full time staff dedicated to working to achieve the goals of the SCREL Hub. Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, we are working remotely until further notice.

Sara Stephens

Charlotte Carver

Corinne Potts
Home Visiting Systems Coordinator

Jessica Porter
Family and Community Engagement

Skaidra Scholey
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Vanessa Broadley
Community Navigator